How important is Accounting Software for a hotelier for financial success?


Irrespective of running a hotel chain or a limited service hotel, it becomes an imperative thing for you to monitor you back office financial activities. Right from account receivables to payables, daily sales to profit & losses, followed by revenue to expenses and banking info. That’s the mandatory routine in your acquaintance with your hotel business performance, profitability and operational efficiency.

In this modern day’s digital work, the technology and innovation has surpassing it’s way to empower hoteliers across the hospitality industry by simplifying and automating all the major of back office accounting tasks. So that one can settle on making informed business decisions based on education choices, insightful analytics & insights, assembling ongoing financial data, which altogether permits hotelier in focusing more on improving the guest satisfaction.

Now, it’s a bygone era of spreadsheet dependency and there’s an estimation of 88% surveys proven to be spreadsheets resulting into errors, sadly which costed billions to hotel business holders. Like many, you must have been facing fat figure discrepancies dealing with blue sheets and suffering from the financial loss. But, the technology transformation changed it all, giving hoteliers a sigh of relief by introducing software solutions as a great examples and the best part is tailored made to simplify your lives.

You can run you hotel chain or limited-service hotels related accounts at one place, with a click of a button. Say goodbye to those depressive days which cause accounting errors encounter and bookkeeping flaws.

Nimble Property falls in the same line-up of new age hotel accounting software solutions which is available for the hospitality world. Seamlessly designed to address all the accounting and financial management issues of hotel managers, accountants and hoteliers – It comes with smooth integration of front office PMS, Banking, GSS and STR reporting. The user-friendly back office accounting system gives you a maximum advantage of acquiring hotel daily sales automation, accounts payable & receivables processing, while enabling statistical data automatically generated on a unified interface.

PEEK-A-BOO Into The Maximum Advantage of Nimble Property

Hotelier-friendly automated accounting solution ‘Nimble Property’ stands out to be the best and proficient analytics software which is designed to help hoteliers, managers and accountants to monitor their KPIs like Hotel Daily Sales, Occupancy %, Rooms Sold, ADR, RevPAR, STR & GSS info, everything on a single dashboard.

Industry-specific reporting for hotels in Nimble Property is remarkable, which not only lets you generate combined reports at a go but also lets you manage multi-property transactions effortlessly.

Impressively, Nimble Property hotel accounting software enables a seamless uninterrupted integration with Opera, OnQ, Payroll and STR to ease your entire back office hotel accounting processes.


All your data safety is secured, which might be your primary concern to look at while moving to a hotel accounting system. Nimble leverages AWS which is the trusted cloud platform in the market.

Without any limitations to access, the platform lets you access all you hotel accounting and financial data in real-time without moving from desk to desk, at any time anywhere. Prioritising the mobility and communication, Nimble Property lets you experience accounting automation and operational efficiency through smart device enabling.

Most importantly, the maintenance and upgrades are never covered in software offering but with Nimble you are covered everything within the package, so you stay away of high maintenance costs.

Nimble Property has it all you need! So, in this competitive world, you have less time for hiccups so you’ll need a trustworthy hotel accounting software being offered at an affordable price range, Nimble fits in perfect and stands out to be feature-rich.

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