What is Adobe Analytics & Who to Implementation

Adobe Analytics is an analytics solution that enables your team and ultimately your organization to become data-driven. This video explains the purpose of Adobe Analytics, provides an overview of what data can be captured, and how the processed data can be accessed for further analysis and export.

This Adobe Analytics overview explains that the solution can be implemented on websites, mobile apps and any devices connected to the internet. The analysts have a variety of tools for preparing reports, building dashboards, analyzing data for data insights delivery. There are various analytics tools and UI available such as Analysis Workspace, Report Builder, Ad-hoc Analysis.

The data can be accessed in real-time thanks to Live Stream API capability. Raw data export is also supported. The data is not sampled that guarantees accurate analysis and reliable insights. Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) is part of Analytics Cloud and Experience Cloud that makes it highly integrated with Target, Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Media Optimizer, and others. All the data belongs to the Client. Adobe provides everything needed to make the analytics platform aligned with GDPR.

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics Implementation

Adobe Analytics Implementation. Learn how to correctly implement s_code and AppMeasurement, use DTM and Launch.  -Learn from andrewfrommoscow 

It Has 1 to 14 Videos including:-

  1. ⭐PAGE NAMING CONVENTION in ADOBE ANALYTICS || Audi.de Implementation Audit
  2. 🔴SITE SECTIONS & SUBSECTIONS in ADOBE ANALYTICS || Audi.de Implementation Audit
  3. Old school Adobe Analytics implementation || Metro.de Implementation Audit
  4. GOOD & BAD PAGE NAMES in ADOBE ANALYTICS || Metro.de Implementation Audit
  5. Custom Link Tracking in Adobe Analytics || Metro.de Implementation Audit
  6. Global Report Suite Implementation in Adobe Analytics || Deutsche Post DHL Audit
  7. Page Names in Adobe Analytics || Deutsche Post DHL Audit
  8. Adobe Analytics: DUPLICATED SERVER CALLS (2018) || Miles & More Lufthansa Audit
  9. Adobe Analytics: DUPLICATED SERVER CALLS (2018) || Miles & More Lufthansa Audit
  10. Adobe Analytics: getTimeParting plugin (IMPORTANT Tips) || Miles & More Lufthansa Audit
  11. Adobe Analytics: DTM IMPLEMENTATION MISTAKES (2018) || ForRent.com Audit
  12. Adobe Analytics: EXPERIENCE CLOUD ID aka MCID (2018) || American Airlines Audit
  13. Adobe Launch Implementation Video Course 2019
  14. Adobe Analytics Report Suite Configuration Video Course




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