JOEL PEZULU Becomes youngest writer poet in Zambia


You would be surprised to learn that when Joel began his journey in poetry, he was not sure he would meet this kind of success

Despite being a grade 12 school leaver, Joel was able to manage his writing because he loved how people like Shakespeare expressed themselves.

Young men and women are making their mark in the world’s social media sector with every passing day,social media is becoming a platform to share writing for millions across the world.
However,only those can sustain in this field who are hard working and passionate about it.
One such charismatic young man is Lusaka -based Joel Pezulu This 17 year old influencer and writer started writing when he was as little as 5.
And this is how his journey began

Within 3 years of embracing on an unusual writing choice, Joel has handled a variety of projects, making himself a popular choice for clients.
Every influencer is no less than an inspiration. Both for business and for self
Despite being a grade 12,school leaver, Joel was able to manage his own business because he loved writing. Through his exemplary writing he has taken writing to a new height. He is particularly famous for being one of the youngest and best poet.
Thanks to his Poetry expertise, Joel creates innovative campaigns, loved by his clients
With this kind of credibility that Joel has earned for himself in this specific industry has given him access to a huge audience.
He possesses both the tools as  well as the authenticity to motivate others through his work.


Times Team

Times Team

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