Top 5 best travel destinations in Dubai


Visiting Dubai during the festive seasons can be very entertaining. It is home to many luxury resorts and restaurants that travelers can visit. The city has the Dubai zoo and Dubai museum. Moreover, you can visit places like Ski Dubai and Dragon Mart in the Emirate. They are the main attractions of the Emirate. Dubai is the most fantastic leisure destination in the world. According to recent surveys, it has an optimum growth rate. Therefore, the Emirate is known for both its tourism and business opportunities. Hence, when you reach Dubai airport you will need a car for traveling to your hotel. Therefore, luxury car rental companies can help you in renting a suitable automobile. Thousands of tourists visit the city to view its natural wonders, tall sky-scrapers and modern backdrop.  Also, people from different countries visit the Emirate to do business. Hence, all the travelers coming to the city search for reliable cars to visit different venues. That’s why they can luxury car hire Dubai for traveling with freedom.Keeping the tourist’s requirements in mind, we are mentioning the top 5 best travel destinations in Dubai.

1.Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s fascinating artificial islands are the representation of natural splendor reaching into the Persian Gulf. The islands have a shape that depicts a palm tree inside a circle when you take a bird’s eye view of it. It is one of the initial primary tourism undertakings of the UAE. The venue is home to some of Dubai’s leading tourist attractions like Atlantis and Lost Chamber Aquarium. You can also visit Aqua venture Water Park and the Palm in the Palm Jumeirah.

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Two main segments of Palm Jumeirah are called the Trunk and crescent. Fronds and spine consist of other primary sectors. The entering point of Palm Jumeirah is a wide trunk that links the land area to the bridge. One of the bridges links the trunk to the spine. The crescent has a curve shape. It is an area above the water. That connects with the spine by the help of a tunnel.

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2.The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the famous shopping malls in Dubai. It is also a venue for the Dubai shopping festival. Moreover, it is one of the world’s biggest malls covering an area of half a million square meters. The mall has more than twelve hundred stores and a big aquarium in which you can walk. The facility has a world-class ice rink and fourteen thousand parking spaces. All these features improve the shopping experience of the visitors. This mall is highly acclaimed and considered the best shopping venues by most of the world’s travel experts.

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It is a leading mall in the city that provides entrance to the zone of fun and recreation. The mall consists of a well-known underwater zoo that houses a walk able aquarium with a collection of more than three hundred species of aquatic animals. Another suitable location you can visit for spending your leisure time is Dubai Ice Rink.

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3.Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is situated in the region famously known as ‘New Dubai’. It is a locality that is made on the concepts of artificial canal city. It provides a posh lifestyle because of its noteworthy waterfront development accompanying the Persian Gulf shoreline. There are five-star hotels, plenty of shopping opportunities and recreational facilities here. It also consists of the Dubai Marina Mall Complex that is a shopping and fun destination. It is one of the most suitable areas for walking in the city. The Marina provides a wonderful opportunity for the people to jog or stroll in a clean environment.

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4.Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is one of the famous indoor ski facilities that covers twenty-two thousand five hundred meters of the indoor ski region. It is one of the biggest covered ski parks in the entire world. The park includes Snow Park and a skiing academy for everyone who likes to practice skiing. There are also ski slopes and an ice museum in the resort. Besides the regular facilities, Ski Dubai also arranges several events and concerts. It has a very fine restaurant called Avalanche Cafe that consists of a balcony from which you can view the ski slopes.

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