Boost Your Site’s Performance with Windows Reseller Hosting at Wisesolution


Boost Your Site’s Performance with Windows Reseller Hosting at Wisesolution

Do you want to reach more and more audiences through the internet to introduce them to your website and its services? Or are you looking to expand your online business through your developed website? If any of these are your concerns, you must wonder about taking the right web hosting plan for your website. As numerous factors have a substantial impact on your website’s workings, the ideal web hosting should be there to manage and control those factors.


There are many kinds of web hosting available in the industry from where you have to opt for an ideal one. This guide will help you comprehend the factors that affect the website and introduce you to Windows Reseller Hosting. Further, it will also make you apprehend how Reseller  Windows Hosting can become your website’s perfect option. At the end of the guide, it has mentioned for the readers that from where they can acquire the best and cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plan.

Factors that may Affect Your Website Performance

If you check the facts and figures in various researches, you will notice that all the web users are willing to get the loaded website within one or two seconds after they click on the link. You may wonder if it does not matter if the website is taking a few more seconds to load. But it does matter at a vital level.  The conversion rates get reduced by 7% if there is a delay of even one second for website loading. In such cases, the business loses money. On the more significant part, the company loses potential customers.


Think about if this one small factor can have a massive effect on the company, how on a large scale, the principal factors can affect the company. So, it is crucial to examine the factors that can affect the website’s performance. You will further also study how the windows reseller hosting plan can help you cope with them efficiently. Let us hop on to the factors first.

Slow Speed

You need to ensure your website has fast speed. The speed depends on the type of Internet connection you are providing to your website. If you own a dial-up and think that the website can have a fast pace by optimizing the website well, you are mistaken. Moreover, even DSL and cable connection cannot give you the fastest efficient speed as you can get by opting for the fiber optic connection.


Another crucial factor is the web hosting company and the type of server the company renders. You must be cautious while selecting both of them. The kind of company will determine the quality of the services. If the server does not grant enough resources according to your website, then the operations’ speed will eventually slow down. If you are searching for the web hosting company, make sure that it gives 99.9% uptime. In case your host server has a fault or a slow response time, then there can be no improvement in speeding up the loading time no matter however you try. The website will retain its slow speed.

File Types and Sizes

If the size and number of files you need to load on a page is large, it will take longer to load in the browser. If the speed is effective and fast, it will load the large files in less time. But it is still important to keep optimizing your file as much as possible. To do this, you can minimize the code, or optimize the image formats to retain the comparatively smaller size of your files.

Traffic Volume

Most of the websites possess a set amount of bandwidth according to the business requirements. You can understand it as the amount of data transfer over a certain period. If your website begins receiving high traffic volume, it implies that your business reaches out to more audiences. In case you have a host server with inefficient bandwidth that cannot accommodate your website to deal with traffic, your website will fall in trouble. The speed will get lower, or the system can shut down entirely until you renew your period or upgrade the plan. So, make sure to maintain the bandwidth and keep adjusting it to manage the traffic volume.


Now the question comes how Windows Reseller Hosting service, as mentioned at the beginning, will assist the customers in coping with the above-explained factors. Let us find the answer to this.

How can Windows Reseller Hosting Become a Solution for You?

What is Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Windows Hosting is a hosting type that lets the user own the server resources, such as the central processing unit, random access memory, storage, bandwidth, etc. The window reseller hosting plan’s idea is to take the server resources and resell them to various third-party customers. These servers operate with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The Plesk control panel makes it easy to manage the sites to whom you resell the hosting.

Features that can help you to Boost Website Performance

Windows Reseller Hosting is the ideal option and has popularity in the market. You can understand the reason behind it by examining its features given below.


  • This hosting utilizes the Plesk control panel to permit you, the administration, to create new reseller accounts, websites, etc.
  • You can get the possibility to transfer your existing domain to any other platform.
  • The users get the fully managed accounts with full security through the windows reseller hosting plan.
  • You get the unlimited windows web reseller hosting service.

Who is The Best Windows Reseller Hosting Provider

If you want to look for the reliable and Cheap Reseller Hosting Provider, go and put your faith on the Wisesolution. The platform provides the best windows reseller hosting services that promote the web development applications from ASP.NET(active server pages), Hypertext Preprocessor, Classic ASP to many others. The Wisesolution gives the users access to white-labelled control panels,  computerised prompts for payments, and a manageable billing system to help the business grow smoothly.


Following are the principal advantages that you can grab from the Wisesolution Windows Reseller Hosting:


  • It renders the distributed server architecture to give the best performance.
  • The user will have passage to utilise the latest hardware and software technologies.
  • It will help users to acquire 99.9% uptime.
  • The user gets the 24/7 customer support service.
  • The user has zero investment risks as the provider will guarantee you a seven-day money-back option with hassle-free cancellation.
  • One will get instant deployment.


You can reach out to the professionals of the WISESOLUTION for more further information and support services. They are always available to give the best solutions to their clients and customers.

Wisesolution’s Cheap Windows Reseller Plan

Enjoy the exclusive offer upto 70% off on every windows reseller hosting plans at Wisesolution. You can pick any plan according to your requirement and budget.


To conclude, the Windows Reseller Hosting boosts the site’s performance with its features. Additionally, it takes charge of all the hardware and networking and lets the users concentrate on their clients and business. It is your time to reach out to the WISESOLUTION to buy the Windows Reseller Hosting and enjoy its privileges.



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