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How Employability Skills Helps You and Your Workplace?

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Employability skills are the soft skills that are very important for both individual and workplace for career development and success of an enterprise.

Employability skills also often called as job-readiness skills that are core skills required for every job to make the employee more desirable to an organization. In the hiring process, the human resource manager always considers these soft skills as very basic mandatory skills for any kind of job role.

These soft skills help a person to build very basic important abilities which allow working well with others, knowledge to solve problems and fit into any kind of work environment. In employability skills, we find professional skills too that develops automatically one by one which enables to be a successful employee in the workplace and the same skills can be applied in any job industry.

Let’s discuss the types of skills for employability. In short!

What are the Employability skills?

  • Communication skills:

The majority of the employers look for a particular skill which first in their list is strong communication skills. They believe that one with strong communication skills can convey the information to others which is must and important for any kind of organization

  • Written communication:

Writing communication is also important skill in defining the goals, identifying and solving the problem in the Business. It is a compulsory test in the majority of job interviews

  • Oral communication:

Oral communication skills are the fundamental skills that strongly develop learning, thinking, listening and improving the overall style of their speaking

  • Interpersonal Skills:

Helps develop overall personality interpersonal skills helps to connect with people and enables effective communication and listening skills

  • Teamwork:

This skill is one of the most basic skills required to work in an organization with others/ teammates or colleagues. Without this skill, no employer wish to select a candidate because without co-operation it’s difficult to achieve something

  • Critical thinking or strategy:

Often called Analytical skills and important skill for taking the right decision in the right situation and helps to build a strategic plan to avoid any mistakes before it could happen

  • Creativity:

Mostly, an employer wishes to be more successful in their business and believes that if employees are more creative in a particular field in all the department they could easily achieve the goal with less effort

  • Ethics:

Following principles, being trustworthy, honest, understanding, working professionally for the goodness of the company, and taking responsibilities

  • Internet:

Knowledge of the web, search engines and knowing the latest trending technologies. Which shows how active you are in knowing, understanding and learning new things

  • Flexibility:

It is also a skill or ability to be flexible on work timing and environment, which also one of the employability skill

  • Enthusiasm:

When you appear with confidant and enthusiastic, it makes a positive approach indicating “I’ve the ability to do” and “I can do it”.

  • Negotiation:

Required employable skill to negotiate and convey the client or a customer particularly in the sales and marketing industry

Master Employability skills for Job-ready

Individual or enterprise, there is a best suit for skill development program at IIHT. Academia Learning Solutions which prepares students on employability skills helps to students, colleges, organizations, in hiring, filtering talents on campus, skilled talents for IT industry with specific solutions like Finishing school, Integrated Learning program, Talent on demand; for institutions and for the enterprise. All these solutions ensure to offer the best training which helps the learner ace the skills in very less time and bridges the gap between academics to IT sector.

Finishing school program is 8-15 days skill development program by IIHT. The program allows learners to gain industry knowledge and workplace skills. The program is to brush up students for ‘job-ready’ with the training on-demand skills like technical skills, soft skills, mock interviews, group discussions and more, that IT recruiter looks among fresh in tech hires. Know more About IIHT

What you Gain from IIHT?

  • The program prepares professionals out of learners
  • Helps to master the employability skills in less time
  • Hands-on learning creates more interest and fun
  • Assessments and feedback to ensure progress per session
  • Fast-track approach to IT industry
  • Prepares for real-world jobs with the skills employers want
  • Access to our Learning Experience Platform with related digital resources available for learners at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • A fast and effective way of improvisation from experts in the industry


To keep you up-to-date with the in-demand employable skills & gain better knowledge on the latest technologies to IT employment opportunities, and crack interviews for any kind of job role in any industry, this will be the right program for you or your organization. IIHT creates the best talents to fit into any desired job role.

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