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LMS to LXP (Learning Experience Platform) for Enterprises and L&D professionals

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Learning Experience Platform is an integrated learning platform built upon the foundations of an LMS. LXP engages and enables users to choose personalized learning paths recommended based on a wide range of learning resources, content formats, and learning preferences. Unlike an LMS, LXP is learner-centric and operates on user-generated content.

The new age LXP, built by IIHT provides personalized learning experiences with AI recommended learning pathways. LXP encourages self-directed learning and users get the best from features like social or collaborative learning, comprehensive learning, content curation, and user-generated content. LXP includes modular and final assessments along with badges and certifications for learners. LXP is more convenient, relevant, and engaging for learners and learning & development professionals.

Let’s see the striking differences between an LMS and an LXP.

Traditional LMS

  • Learners have little to no control over the content.
  • The learning experience is determined almost exclusively by trainers and administrators.
  • Less freedom over the material and activities they pursue.
  • LMS is a closed system that doesn’t naturally assimilate learning resources from external providers.
  • It makes it more difficult and time-consuming to offer choices to learners.
  • LMS fails at meeting individual and professional goals while learning.


Advantages in LXP

  • Reduces the challenges of an Enterprise in training and closing the skill gap of a workforce.
  • Get control to customize and track learning activities from anywhere anytime.
  • Experience the platform; which enables collaborative resource delivery, consumption, and real-time editing.
  • LXP is best to; monitor user activities, to create personalized learning pathways, and for resources, recommendations based on individual performances.
  • The LXP brings in social knowledge sharing and elements of gamification within the platform making it a one-point solution to all learning needs.
  • Users can add content to any course they take and select resource/ device they believe is the most relevant to their individual journey.
  • LXP addresses the existing skill gaps and Enterprises can put a personalized focus on enhancing skills and providing hands-on learning to each employee without hassles.
  • Helps to augment the ROI through L&D, and make more informed decisions about the future of their learning design
  • LXP is an open program management platform where learners, administrators, L&D professionals, and other Instructors can contribute with ease.
  • Each user can be a curator on the LXP and thus providing vast options for all.
  • Experience the same as platforms like Spotify and Netflix. Learning Experience Platforms provide instructional designers with the ability to personalize resources and leverage smart recommendations with ease.
  • Any URL can be added as a learning resource and, employees, managers, L&D professionals, and other subject matter experts can contribute freely.

Learning Experience Platform provides intense and personalized learning paths for learners and these features along with the enterprise learning opportunities point towards the fact that LXP is to pave the way for learning experience your learners want to be associated with. Enterprises need to switch to LXP to drive in the digital transformation of the workforce in their organizations.

Is your organization ready for the Learning Experience?

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