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How to make a Film? Film making process

by dattusphotography

How to make a film?

              Before going into the deeper roots of a film tree let’s traverse through different stages of film making the process. 

        What is the film actually? A film is nothing but a visual representation of a scene or a situation that is defined through some technical aspects of the director’s vision. In any language, the definition of the film is the same,  but rather a way of making it varies from one director to another. 

           How does a film start and what is the starting point of a film? It starts with the story, where the story comes from the director’s vision of Idea. There must be some idea for vision to what you are taking and what you are making into as a script. Yes, script which we are going to write from the scene starts to the scene end. The next step is planning the pre-production. Pre-production consists of making a team that is also called the cast and crew of the film and different technical equipment and people required to make a film. The prime technical equipment is the camera with reflectors as well as the lights and the sound devices. 

        Now it’s time to take action. The scene should be done with whatever written. It may depend on the director’s plan of action.  The actor’s appearance, as well as the location and his or her performance, makes the scene as seasonal fruit. Sync sound technology is the most vital gift for the filmmakers and it’s the natural sound technology where the budget will be saved after the post-production. Every scene should be analyzed, make the changes if any, reshoot, reschedule before finalizing the project. 

         The final part is post-production. The editing of the project shows and makes the audience feel different situations and connect to the scene. Make sure the colors and graphics are in the perfect place. Now it’s time to release your film. If the audience accepts your film then you are the king, if not then you learned a lot and let’s give it a bang in the next film. 


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