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Flexible Packaging: Go-to solutions for establishing brand image

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People often discuss brand loyalty but many overlook to understand the factors on which a strong customer base and loyalty are formed. Surveys have been conducted to figure out that what strikes the most to the customers and the answer is- unique presentation. Zedpack, the manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions and non-woven bags, asserts that the customization feature is an ideal solution not only to create a unique presence but also to ensure profit, for both the companies and customers. Evidently, Indians are more inclined towards the influence of customized packaging as compared to other countries. Packaging experts also believe that it is because of two major factors:

  1. Majority of the consumer base is open to various product categories for the first time
  2. Indians expect packaging to be reusable along with being trendy

Below are the prime reasons to acknowledge the need for customized shopping bags in your businesses:

  1. Brand Perception: Perception is the key factor for every brand because it reflects what the consumers think about a company. There have been instances when a particular brand would receive recognition based on its unique packaging. According to a survey conducted, 61% out of 500 shopkeepers mentioned that the customized packaging made their brands look more trust-worthy and fashionable.
  2. Product Recommendations: It’s human nature to try and pick a well-recommended brand because it always comes from a customer’s experience. Hence, huge brands also invest their resources in utilizing the most retain worthy packaging to impress the customers through its simplicity and uniqueness which, in turn, enables these brands to become ‘talk of the town’.
  3. Customer experience: Like brand perception, the unboxing experience leaves a huge impact on the customer. Efficient packaging and uniqueness play a huge role in enhancing customers’ experience which is why it said to be one of the most important factors to establish a positive brand image across industries.

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