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Technology Tools to Enhance On-Campus IT Training

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Technology is a great tool and we can’t imagine the advancements humanity has achieved with it. Technology constantly impacts the way we communicate and exchange information and thus plays an important role in education at any level. Electronic devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. have emerged as perks for the netizens. The trend is wide spreading and higher-education is no exception to this. And to respond to this change, we have introduced learning technology tools in our Integrated Learning Programs and Finishing School programs running inside premier engineering institutions in the country. Here are some findings on how technology has helped us enhance on-campus IT training.

Delivering Digital Resources

Our instructors and learners undergoing IT training via these programs make use of Techademy, a Learning Experience Platform [LXP], for instruction, hands-on practice, and assessments. The LXP connects learners and the instructors together for a purpose. Both the learners and instructors get easy access to digital resources via computer, smartphone, or tablet. Instead of having learners travel long distances to computer labs at campuses, an immersive learning environment comes right to their device. The platform has reduced the communication lag among the instructors, learners, and technicians with the help of social media connectivity inside the platform.


All modules and course completion assessments are conducted through in-built assessment engine in the platform. Techademy allows learners to take their online test from their hostel, home or any distraction-free location, while our live online proctors monitor their behavior throughout the session. In addition, audio and video of the candidate, video of the computer screen and activity on learners’ computer before and during the exam are recorded.

Once the assessments are over, instructors get to evaluate the test right on the platform and the results are shared to all learners via automated notifications. The AI-powered assessment engine also recommends unique learning paths based on learners performance during assessments and learning preferences.

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