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DSP, DMP and SSP Platforms and provides

by kittusiva.com

After analysis of the DSP – DMP – SSP – Programmatic Advertising platforms, The first thing that I understand how “Programmatic media buying and data management platforms” are working and how their core technologies build between these platforms.

I divided these platforms into 3 parts.

1st part: Sourcing the data


Sourcing the audience’s data is available in 3 types.

1st type of Sourcing data – Website victors data, CRM data, Social channels, Search visitors, Display, Web Analytics, or any other source of data they own. This type of data used to call as 1st Party Data.

2nd type of Sourcing data – This is like someone having the first-party data Or someone having 1st part user apps data & purchase history or External sources data or original company share they internal data to the Second party. This type of data used to call as 2nd Party Data.

3rd type of Sourcing data – Data providers having data from various sources & Package data, this data collected from venders or owned by other parties. Example – Cookies data. This type of data used to call as 3rd Party Data.


How this data looks and how to use it:-

From the 1st party data, we can collect only the following date after GDPR Regulation, this information that companies can collect from their own sources, this 1st party data is trusted and valuable users data.

  • Demography.
  • visited websites & interactions.
  • Purchase history.
  • Interests.
  • Time spent on the website.

How to use this – By using 1st party data, we can deliver our user’s personalized experiences and display them relevant ads. The information can be easily segmented and monetized by using a Data Management Platform. 


  • We analyze your web traffic and create audiences who are looking for specific products.
  • We can target their interest in a particular topic or blog.
  • We can build personalized messages and notifications.

Note:- In 1st party date we will get not only the store data, user profiles, user source, user behaviour (likes / Dislikes) and which website he visited after moving from our website.

Suggestion from my end – Adobe Audiences Manager is the Best DMP tool for Us.

From the 2nd party data – I already said this 2nd party we receive from another company and it will come from various sources, like owned by 3rd parties or partner, offline sources, websites, apps or surveys etc… In this 2nd part, the date will get mostly into Location, interest, and behaviour.

How to use it:- Compare to 1st data this is a low-quality date but We know our business so we should collect related to our business from 2nd party data.

Note:- We should create a campaign based on user interests. and new offers on their interests.

From the 3rd party data – This data is related to online users and it looks like Gender, Age, Interests, and audience groups like ( Automobile, Travel, etc..)

This 3rd party data we have to collect from data providers.

How to use it:-

  • run personalized ad campaigns
  • send tailored marketing messages
  • precisely target your audience
  • reach out to new customers

Note: This Data collected by Data provider pay to collect their customer data from websites visitors. So this data has a target the right audience and it also targets related audiences So it will help us to build a Brand awareness to the relevant audience in the less budget.

Where to buy this 3rd party data.

Adform, AppNexus, Oracle, MediaMath, Adobe, DoubleClick, bidTheatre, Lotame, Eyeota, Adsquare, Adex, LiveRamp.


2nd part: Platforms & Providers


Till now I checked on DSP, DMP and SSP Platforms and provides.

DSP – Demand-side Platform

This DSP manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts in one interface, This platform creates a unique opportunity for advertisers. By this platform, advertisers can buy mobile, search, and video ads publishers list. These allow real-time bidding and direct deals in publishers’ networks. this is known as programmatic advertising. Real-time bidding  (Mean we can specify whom to reach and how much to spend and which ad space to select on a page) This platform helps advertisers to reach ad in a premium location on the website.


DSP – Providers :

Providers will provide direct deals from publishers in real times bidding and take things like browsing history, time of day, IP address, etc.. and This software allows us to purchase, analyze, manage ads across many networks from a single place.

Best Providers 

  1. Google Marketing Platform (DV360)
  2. Quantcast
  3. Rocket Fuel 
  4. MediaMath 
  5. Amazon (AAP) 
  6. LiveRamp 
  7. Choozle 
  8. TubeMogul 
  9. BrightRoll 
  10. AppNexus

Note: We can use DMP data in DSP Platform to build As campaign.


DMP – Data Management Platforms

DMP is used for collecting the large number use date and it allows us to analyze and targeting audiences across multiple platforms, devices, and media channels.

This Platform Builds on 5 interconnected pillars.

Collection, unification, organization, activation, and analytics.  

Data Collection – It Collects data from own, or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parties. and DMP having integrations and open APIs with other platforms, So we can collect data from external sources,

Data Classification –  We can customize data as per customer databases. how we are going to use in that way we can Classification into your DMPs platform.

Ad Network Integration – Integrating ad networks like DSP and exchange, including Google, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, Turn, TubeMogul, Videology, Tremor Media, Yahoo, DataXu, and more!


  1. Mapp Digital, 
  2. Lotame, 
  3. Oravle BlueKai, 
  4. MediaMath, 
  5. Reachforce,
  6. Salesforce DMP, 
  7. Simpli.fi
  8. Adobe Audience Manager


SSP – Supply-side Platform

Same as DSP – This platform enables web publishers and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media owners to manage their advertising space. Individual sites can sell their advertising space. SSP sell advertising by Real-time bidding, but they can also work with the model of direct sales.

SSP – is more expensive. (This place is prepared by publisher on his site.)

Example – Publisher -> SSP -> Ad-Exchange -> DSP -> Advertiser.

3rd part: Which DMP & DSP we should us

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