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Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals‌ ‌ Certification‌

by madhuvalivarthy

The Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals Certifying Organization (SMRPCO) serves to promote and advance the knowledge and application of maintenance, reliability,  and physical asset management.  

SMRP provides ANSI-accredited certification programs to validate the skills of practitioners and give them an edge when applying for jobs in maintenance and reliability.

SMRP values Data-Driven Excellence, Sharing/Collaboration, Membership focus, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Trust and Respect, Integrity and Social Responsibility. 

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional

The Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (CMRP) is the leading credential for certifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities of Maintenance, Reliability and physical asset management professionals. 

The CMRP is the only Certification Program of its accredited by the ANSI, which follows the globally recognized ISO standards for its accreditation purposes.CMRP requires registration with the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP).

Whether you are seeking to become certified as a CMRP or focused on mastering the Knowledge, you need to implement a successful reliability improvement and improvement and monitoring program, SkillStride Training provides the perfect training style to achieve your goals. This program is designed to transfer knowledge and to be a stimulating experience. 

It was developed to assess professionals’ aptitude with the five pillars of the SMRP Body of Knowledge(BoK), which includes Business & Management, Equipment Reliability, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Organization & Leadership, and Work Management.

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician

The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician (CMRT) program is the leading credential Program for the Knowledge, Skills, and abilities of Maintenance and reliability Technicians. 

CMRT requires registration with the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP). 

CMRT will provide a non-biased, third-party, objective assessment and confirmation of the skills of your industrial maintenance mechanics. CMRT’s are responsible for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance. They perform troubleshooting and analysis and apply sound maintenance practices in all aspects of their work.

Earning the CMRT credential indicates that you have achieved a level of ability consistent with the requirements for competence on the job as a multi-skilled maintenance and reliability Technician.

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