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Home made Bath powder for Babies & also for Just born babies

by seshamsruthi

Home made Bath powder for just born babies

                This is natural and herbal bath powder which can be used for just born babies also. By using this powder we can improve babies’ fairness and by massaging babies muscles and bone development will be increased and become strong and healthy.

 Recipe :

            Green gram Dal       – 500 grams ( Maash, or moong, Mung Dal)

            Turmeric powder      – 200 grams 

             Rice                         – 50 grams 

             Split chickpeas.        – 50 grams

             Rose petals powder – 200 grams


              Mix all ingredients and grind well into a very fine powder, store this powder in an airtight container for one month. 


How to use:

              First massage baby gently with sesame or coconut oil and then take one  tablespoon of prepared powder and mix it with the required amount of milk and make it into a thick paste and apply to the baby body and rub it gently. Then by applying coconut or sesame oil to your hands massage the body till the paste becomes dry and fall off from the body. After that use mild baby soap or shampoo for bathing. No Side Effects as it is a natural product and home made. which is very good for a baby’s health and fitness. Use daily once for 6 months at least, for good results. 


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