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How to loose weight.

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How to lose weight? 

       Nowadays, losing weight is the most concerned thing in everybody’s life. Losing weight means not reducing your body weight but it has some more factors to be seen into consideration. Here comes the muscle vs fat war, plus the way you look.  Let’s have a look at this image.

      Now you can visualize yourself in which body type you belong. There is a famous quote

            ” To change your body you must first change your mind “.

      If you really want to gain muscle and lose the fat to look fit, start the day with a workout like a gymnasium, cardio or a walk or cycling, swimming, etc. Before heading to these physical exercises make sure your body is loaded with the required carbohydrates and water. These calories will help to boost that extra mile. 

Exercising the body involves movement in the body with any type of stretchable way in a certain amount of time and in a perfect position. The intake of calories also plays a major role with traditional to the workouts we do. The intake of calories into the body and the number of calories we burn should match in a proper way. The diet plays a key role in transformation. Here’s the diet chart for weight loss. 


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